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Dr. Raveill and Dr. Caresio are Interventional Radiologists, that specialize in this specific field dealing with minimally invasive procedures. Interventional radiologists are trained to understand the full range of human anatomy and how it functions. Our training in the use of ultrasound guided minimally invasive procedures is extensive. This aspect of our training makes the physicians at the The Vein Doctor uniquely qualified for treating superficial venous disease. 

At The Vein Doctor, all varicose and spider veins are treated non-surgically, by injection therapy sclerotherapy, ambulatory phlebectomy and endovenous laser therapy. With these treatments, veins gradually seal shut and disappear. The blood loss and scarring associated with surgery are eliminated. Our work is done with the most uncompromising high standards, using only FDA approved medications and disposable equipment. Patients are able to resume activity immediately (including driving).

We are sure you will be pleased with this simple, safe, and effective method of vein therapy.
  • Dr. Raveill
    Dr. Raveill
  • Dr. Caresio
    Dr. Caresio

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